Betrayal io

Betrayal io

Betrayal io is a remake of the extremely popular social deduction game which is called Among Us. It features a more interesting graphics and a better gameplay than the original game, that's why it is worth trying. The rules of the game are pretty simple - you connect to a server with real players and have to find the secret saboteur called a betrayer in case you are playing as crew member. If you are playing as betrayer you have to sabotage different activities and kill the crew members secretly. If someone notice that you are doing some strange activities, you can be caught and the game will be over.

How To Play Betrayal io?

At the beginning of the game no one really knows who is crew member and who is a secret betrayer because all the players look similar. The mission of the crew members is to complete their quests on the spaceship and find the betrayer. Every time something strange happen, like for example killing a crew member, all players will come together to talk with each other and find the betrayer. You can use chat to share your opinion and also vote for the player who you think is a saboteur. When one player receives max votes, it is being kicked. If the choice of the players was good and the real sabotour is kicked, the game ends. If there was a mistake and instead of betrayer was kicked an innocent crew member, the game continues. It is a very interesting and addictive game which gives you a lot of space to understand the human nature. Enjoy the full version of the Betrayal io for free at our website.

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